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Former Notary Home Oprechte Veiling Haarlem, literally translated Genuine Auction of Haarlem, is auctioning household furniture since 1914 and is considered one of Holland’s leading auction houses. At first the Notaries’ Society of Haarlem was in charge of the auction house; later the Brinkman family and staff took over.

The splendid building was constructed in 1913 – 1914, with the aim of providing a ‘saleroom for household furniture’, and indeed, this still is its main raison d'être. Understandably, in 2010 the building was officially ‘listed’.
The auction house at Bilderdijkstraat still breathes the atmosphere of old. The interior has remained virtually unchanged and in fact, even the antiques auctions are authentic: fine collections of genuine antique furniture and art.
Oprechte Veiling has its own means of transport and can, if you wish, arrange transportation of your goods to the auction house at your expense. Furthermore we offer household clearance solutions. If this is the case, one of our appraisers will visit you at your home to assess the expected costs and values.

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Oprechte Veiling Haarlem

Bilderdijkstraat 1 a
2013 EG Haarlem

[T] 023-5319408 - [F] 023-5316486

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